Thin Client Concept #k23



A thin client is a complete desktop virtualization solution that provides a secure computing platform for the enterprise with all the benefits of a centralized management model-offered from a single server.


  • A Hardware/Software that runs application on a server, not on desktop.
  • Key strokes and mouse click are sent over network to the server to process and give back the result…… (screen).
  • Clients can be a low powered PC or a Thin client device.
  • They Don’t Have HDD, FDD, CDROMS, Cooling Fans, Very Low Processing Power.





    • About 1/3 Size Of PC.
    • Works In A Same Way And At Same Speed As Desktop PC.
    • Supports GUI And Windows Environment.
    • Can Be Configured On As Low As 16Mb Of RAM.
    • Same Feel As Working On Any Windows Based OS.
    • Remote Computation….Server Takes Care Of All The Processing.
    • Works On either Citrix`s ICA  or  Microsoft’s RDP Protocols (Both Require Only 20Kbps Speed Over Network To Work).
    • User Logs On to the Server via Web Portal And A Familiar Windows Base Environment is Replicated On TO Users Screens With Access To Application, Internet, Mail, Drives, Printers, Etc.



    Several point benefits from implementation of K23’s Infrastructure System

    • Reduce complexity as all done in one place (Security, Hardware)
    • Simplicity, Avoiding the process of installation and maintenance of several Hardware and Software
    • Ease of management. All done through a Web-based GUI.
    • Ease to Identify a problem because only done in one place (Single Point Of Contact)
    • Reducing the cost of technical training. Only learn one product
    • There is no fee for the software. All Linux-based Application. No extra charge for additional users (End User).
    • Open Platform, can be developed in accordance with company requirements, without the burden of software costs.

    Particular to our Thin Client solution, below are key benefits;

    • Integrated hardware & software management
    • Higher PC data security
    • Efficient PC maintenance and support
    • Lower PC total cost of ownership
    • Faster PC performance
    • A green PC solution
    • Dramatically Decreases The TCO by 54% to 57%.
    • Decreases IT Cost By 80% through Reduced Staff and Centralized Software Management.
    • Eliminates The Hardware Upgrades On Client Side.
    • Increases End User Productivity. (Limited Access To Authorized Applications & Storage)
    • Increased Life Time Of Client. (NO Moving Part ,Less Power Usage)  
    • No Access To HDD, FDD, CD-ROMS. (Avoids Downloads, installations, Junk Data on to the HDD)
    • Reduced Power Consumption.
    • Centralized Backup. (Home Directory Mapping)

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